• AFELO allows you to compress your images and upload them immediately into your Website

Single steps:



  1. Compress/Upload images: This function allows you to compress images and send them into your server.
  2. Settings: Choose your language preference and indicate your Website. 
  3. About AFELO 12.10: Get information on the latest AFELO version.
  4. HELP us to improve AFELO: Post your suggestions.
  • One single image: upload a single image. 
  • All images of one directory: upload all images of one directory.
  • Several images from one or more directories: upload several images from one or more directories.
  • Select the directory, in which your image(s) is/are saved. (ex:Desktop, Pictures...)
  • Now you can choose your image(s) and/or upload it/them.
  • Click on Forward.
Wählen Sie hier die gewünschte Bildgröße. Einige Beispiele:
  • Choose the maximum size for your image(s).
  • Indicate if you want to optimize your images for local use or for the Internet. 
  • You can also enter the size of your image(s) manually. Click on edit settings. You'll get the following screen:
  • This section allows you to rotate and lighten up your image(s), as well as to convert it/them into Black and White.
  • Click on the green arrow to rescind the changes that were done. 
  • The little grey box contains further options: change brightness, contrast, hue and saturation of your image(s).
  • Click on Forward.

Where do you want to save your images?

  • On the Desktop: Your images will be uploaded into an automatically generated directory on your desktop.
  • In a folder on the computer / Local folder: Your images will be uploaded into a local folder on your computer.
  • Upload on www: Your images will be uploaded into your website. Manage Websites: If you click on this option, you'll get the following screen:
  • To add a website, you just need to add its name into the blank space and click on "+". 
  • To delete a website, you need to click on the respective address on your list and finally on "-".
  • Select the directory on your computer, into which you want to upload your images. 
  • Click on Run.
  • Select or create a new folder for your images.
  • To create a new folder click on the folder with the green Plus. 
  • Click on Run.
  • You can find your images on your server.