OLEFAmobile no longer supported

In the last years, we have contentiously developed OLEFA's web based interfaces in regards to mobile and tablet support. Examples:
  • Possibility to upload photos (including automatic image transformation), videos or other files by clicking / touching the upload symbol.
  • Possibility to select multiple files at once (if supported by the respective browser / operating system).
  • Direct access to cloud services, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Google Drive or Dropbox.
  • Responsive design supported by many tools, and implemented on many OLEFA websites.
Have a look at the following youtube videos for more details (English subtitles available):

Since these methods allow users to upload images directly within the tools where they want to use them, a separate upload procedure by a specialized app has become obsolete.
That's why we've decided to drop our support for OLEFAmobile, and rather put our energy in the further development of the web interfaces.